is to strive for universal suffrage for all seats in the LEGCO and for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, SAR.

Can Hong Kong, the so declared 'Asia's world city', continue to flourish without true democracy?

Owing to the limited choices provided by facebook, the 'creator' is unable to find a suitable beneficiary pertaining to the cause. All donations, if any, will therefore go to the internationally renowned OXFAM, which does relief work all over the world. (in case you don't know)

1. Abolish the 'Functional group' in the LEGCO, which is a disproportionate representation of all eligible voters in Hong Kong

2. Replace the entire 'functional constituency' with 'geographical constituency'

3. No more bullshit. 'One-man, one-vote' for the Chief Executive. We deserve it.

4. All these should be achieved as soon as possible, i.e. 2012, if not 2008. After all, why not?