Our role is to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. For 24hr emergency assistance with injured wildlife in Victoria, please call 0417 506 941

The Wildlife Rescuers are a group of unpaid volunteers who are members of Wildlife Victoria who specialise in the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

We are active rescuers, rescuing & caring for various wildlife on a near day to day basis, including eastern grey kangaroos, possums, wombats, bats and various species of birds.

Our role is one of rescuing injured, sick and orphaned wildlife and where possible releasing healthy animals back in to the wild.

We also engage in public education and conduct information and training sessions.

1. WEBSITE http://www.wildliferescuers.org.au

2. DONATIONS http://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/Donation-to-Wildlife-Victoria-Northern-Suburbs-Group.html

3. TRAINING http://www.wildliferescuers.org.au/Training

4. SHOP http://www.wildliferescuers.org.au/shop