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Elena Kagan is nominated to the Supreme Court

Solicitor General Elena Kagan was nominated by President Obama earlier today to potentially replace Justice Stevens. Elena Kagan is known to be extremely liberal, especially in her interpretation of the Constitution. She has a very sparse paper trail so both Republicans and Democrats have very little to work off of. Her position on some controversial issues is still a little fuzzy, but one thing is for certain, she is pro-abortion. She has no experience serving from the bench, something she stated in the early 2000s was essential to anyone nominated to the highest court in the country.

Also, I want to point out that Kagan is only 50 years old. For anyone out there asking why age has anything to do with the nomination, age means a lot. The Supreme Court does not have term limits like the president and congress. Those serving on the bench are capable of serving a lifetime or until they would like to retire. Justice Stevens is retiring at the age of 90! If Kagan is in fact appointed to the court, she could be enforcing President Obama’s liberal ideology for half a century, making it even harder for us to one day overturn Roe v. Wade.
Please contact your member of congress and tell them to fight her nomination because she is extremely liberal on the social issues, especially abortion. She has no background to show that she is qualified for the Court and we must fight everything the president puts forward this election year.

Here is a website to contact your member of Congress today:

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