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How many Sub-Species of Tiger are there currently?

  • 2 (15% people answered this)
  • 5 (41% people answered this)
  • 7 (18% people answered this)
  • 9 (15% people answered this)
  • 13 (9% people answered this)

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Correct answer is: 5

There are currently five living sub-species of Tiger which include the Siberian, Bengal, Sumatran, Indochinese, and South China Tiger. Sadly, three sub-species have been wiped out by humans and include the beautiful Bali, Javan, and Caspian Tiger.


To help organizations such as the BFF raise money in their efforts to stop tiger trade and protect wild tigers Stop the Tiger Trade was created in order to spread awareness to the general public on the plight of the beautiful tigers. By joining this group, you are showing that you care for these critically endangered animals, and would rather see them alive for future generations of children, instead of through books with bold red plastered "EXTINCT" as the heading text. Unfortunately, tiger body parts are said to hold healing powers according to the Chinese culture. Although proven that tiger whiskers cannot cure headaches, and tiger body parts cannot cure horrible diseases, people unfortunately still kill these animals for their body parts, and sell their coats for thousands of dollars. The first step to help save these animals, is to understand the danger they are faced with. Three tiger sub-species have been wiped out in the past one hundred years (Javan, Bali, and Caspian) there are only five remaining sub-species that are hanging on by a thread in numbers. Everyday it is said at least one tiger is killed in the wild. Feel free to show you care by joining us here, and with the power of the public, we can join together and step-up to push to save these beautiful creatures from extinction....always remember that extinction means forever, there's no going back. The current beneficiary was appointed to the World Wildlife Fund, a non-profit organization that takes action to create projects to help save endangered animals. 1. The trade of tiger body parts is morally unacceptable 2. It is illegal to sell endangered animal body parts, yet it appears that the system hasn't tried to give poachers tougher punishments 3. Tiger numbers are dwindling on a daily basis, it is important that we save these animals for the environment, and for the well-being of human ability


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