The MHE Coalition is now on Twitter...

We're now on Twitter, and I'll be posting updates on The MHE Coalition, MHE and Me, and The Bumpy Bone Club there as well as on Facebook and our websites ( and If you're on twitter, look for us at…Read More

Quality of Life Study and Gathering Updates

Quality of Life Study Update: Thank you to all who responded to our request for participants for the Quality of Life Study. Harpreet Chhina , Research Coordinator of the Study, has informed me that they have now reached their target sample size and are…Read More

Updates from MHE and Me and The MHE Coalition

We have a few updates for the members of MHE and Me and The MHE Coalition, so if you are in both groups, you may receive this twice! 1. The first phase of the MHE Quality of Life Study is still open and in need of more participants. This questionnaire study…Read More

MHE and Me and Bumpy Bone Club Updates

We mourn the passing of William Daniels, a wonderful man who wasn't diagnosed with MHE until he was 57! In 1999 he founded the M_H_E Yahoo Groups, an online support group that became a member of the MHE Coalition and over the years provided information and…Read More

As you do your Holiday Shopping, remember the children struggling with MHE...

Just a reminder to visit our store at Designed and run by our talented in-house artist, Nicole Wynn, who was diagnosed with MHE at age 1 and is now a third year Graphic Design Student, we have items for everyone - children, adults,…Read More

MHE and Me Updates

Our resident artist (and my daughter), Nicole, has been hard at work, designing new MHE and Me and Bumpy Bone Club logos and setting up a shop for us at She has done a great job and there are clothing and gift items for the whole…Read More

Update from MHE and Me

Our cause is really growing! We're now up to 203 members, and we thank you all for joining and helping us get the word out about MHE. Work will soon be starting on Issue 3 of the Bumpy Bone Club Magazine, and I'm looking for submissions from the kids and…Read More
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