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Dear Friends of Murphy - He's OK!!!


Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support for Murphy the dog and the very strong call you sent to anyone who perpetrates animal abuse that they can not get away with it.

I wanted to share the happy news that the perpetrator, the dog's former owner, was tried in March 2010, and the jury found him guilty of one felony (attempt to commit aggravated animal cruelty) and two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. He was sentenced to up to a year in jail.

More happily, Murphy seems to be doing fine:

Thank you so much to the almost 600,000 people who have joined this cause and played a very important role in raising awareness, not only about what happened to Murphy, but also to animal abuse in general. You are amazing!

Stay tuned for what's ahead - we're currently figuring out how best to turn this amazing community toward the next animal rights issue. In the meantime, thank you again and keep it up!


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