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YOU CAN HELP HERE! --- From our friends at Save Shakespeare Santa Cruz!

We have 4 days to raise $135,000
I've you want to help and you've already donated, Mikie has a quick request from you. While you're sitting in front of your 'puter right now, do this:

1 - Go to the SAVE Shakespeare Santa Cruz event page
2 - click on "Invite people to come"
3 - invite people from your friends list.
4 - 5 people, 10, 50, 100, 679, invite invite invite

"Make a local, urgent contribution this Christmas. Save SSC"

We need large contributors, small contributors,
any kind of support that 4 days can gather.

Donate online, quick and easy. Tax deductable. Refunded if total amount is not met.

Thanks guys

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