New updates

Good day everyone! Lots of things are happening with World Peace through Inclusion these days, so I thought I would give you all a glimpse on what we are working toward. WPIT will soon be World Peace through Inclusive Transformation! It takes some time to…Read More

Would you make a donation?

We are near the end of this phase of the World Peace through Inclusion Tour. After many trials, outlined in the blog!!!!, we are creating a solid funding proposal to bring a new way of building peace and inclusion into reality. Simply, the idea is to…Read More


Just want to thank all of you who have joined, recruited and donated to this cause. Please continue to show your support by organizing talks, workshops, community events in support of inclusion. Don't know where to start? Just ask! It's all about tapping…Read More

Less than 2 days!

Hey everyone I want to extend another hand of thanks to all those who have generously donated to our cause. We are nearly half way to our goal! Just 2 more days and this goal will be finished so be a part of a team effort and include yourself as a member who…Read More

4 more days!

A huge thank you to all who have donated so far but we aren't there quite yet! If each person donated a mere $35 each we will have exceeded our goal! Consider it a christmas gift to a friend or family member - especially that one person who has…Read More
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