It’s Not Rocket Science!

New growth just doesn’t belong in floodplains. Help us pass EHB 1967! We have floodplains. And we have growth plans. Never the two shall meet. Ok, it's not that simple because many of our existing cities are already in floodplains. Still, we know what…Read More

Final Win for Lynx in Stevens County has important implications for habitat protections across WA State

After a long battle, we have achieved protections for Lynx in the Stevens County Critical Areas Ordinance. After efforts to educate Stevens County on the issue, Futurewise appealed Stevens County's Critical Areas Ordinance to the Eastern Washington Growth…Read More

Thanks for joining the Futurewise Cause!

And double thanks to those of you who have recruited others! The following is just a small part of the work you are supporting. Please consider following the link at the bottom to learn more, or donating to help us keep the ball rolling. Our 2009…Read More
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