Promote awareness and give animals a voice.

31 million animals are killed on fur farms each year. About 26 million are mink and 4.5 million are fox. In addition, 250,000 chinchillas, 150,000 sable, 100,000 fitch, 100,000 racoon dogs, and a small number of lynx, bobcat, and nutria. Death for these animals is a horror story. The most common method used for killing foxes is anal electrocution. Mink are usually gassed or violently injected with poison. Many just have their necks broken or are asphixiated. An undercover investigation found that some minks are killed with weed killers, which can cause the animals to convulse for up to 10 minutes before death. The chinchilla industry proudly admits that most chinchillas are killed by neck breaking or electrocution. Many chinchilla farmers hook one metal clamp to the ear, and another to her genitalia to implement the electrocution of this poor creature. The chinchilla is small, and it takes as many as 100 of them to die in order to make a single full-length fur coat. The fur trade calls this "humane". The truth about the fur industry will prevail despite any attempts to minimize the suffering and pain that occurs to animals.

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1. Fur farms are not humane and need to be stopped.

2. Animals are living creatures and need to be given a voice.

3. The fur farms across the globe do nothing but harm the animals.