We provide support, training and materials for national missionaries in Africa.

The Lord has given us as believers an effective and powerful plan for fulfilling the Great Commission in 2 Timothy 2:2.

We do not believe that the methods used by Reaching Souls International are the only effective means of fulfilling the Great Commission, but we do believe the Lord has blessed us with a vision and potential that will lead to historic results.

History is filled with individuals and groups of people who yielded their time, passions, finances, and efforts to the Lord and in turn, He worked through them to change the course of history. That is our prayer, and we want you to partner with us. As a collective group yielded to Christ’s commands, we can see NATIONS CHANGED by the Gospel.

1. Founded by Jimmy Hodges, Reaching Souls International was started in 1986

2. We believe nationals reaching nationals is the plan God has given us

3. We believe orphans supported and raised in families is the way to go

4. check us out www.reachingsoulsinternational.org