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Have you checked out recently launched photo album? http://bit.ly/i3R2Nt . A big thanks to all our donors who are making this a reality - 7 schools, 2500+ children and counting. We have miles to go before we sleep. Join hands and raise awareness about Isha…Read More

We now have room for 700 more children in Isha Vidhya!

With our 7th school completed, we now have room for 700 more children in Isha Vidhya. Our spring scholarship drive will help us fill this school with underprivileged children eager to go to school. Our goal is also to raise funds towards 28 additional…Read More

Isha Vidhya - Fundraising Campaign

Spread the Gift of Education to underprivileged children. Isha Vidhya Fundraising campaign Launched - Become a Patron / Donate. www.ishavidhya.org/Educate Post to your wall and spread the word

Isha Vidhya Birthday Wishes

Arun and Becky both have Birthday Wishes going for Isha Vidhya! You can support them below: Arun's page: http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/117338 Becky's page: http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/113173

Isha Vidhya Scholarship Drive

Dear Friends, Thanks to your help, Isha Vidhya has raised over 1,000 scholarships! But we still need 600 more. Every bit counts towards our goal of empowering the youth of rural India! Please visit the link below: http://www.ishavidhya.org/taf Best…Read More

SeeYourImpact matches gifts to Isha Vidhya!

Dear Isha Vidhya cause member, Isha Vidhya has teamed up with SeeYourImpact to change lives! The idea behind SeeYourImpact is simple: connect donors to actual beneficiaries and show how a small gift can have a dramatic impact on a life. With a $20 donation…Read More

7th Isha Vidhya school soon to be constructed!

Greetings from Isha Vidhya. Isha Vidhya, with all your patronage and blessings, has, from one school in 2006, grown to six schools presently. Close to about 2000 children (70% under scholarships), have made rapid strides in their lives and now we are able to…Read More
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