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The Light when you have lived so long amidst the very dark .. ..

Donavan pre lengthening... please keep him in prayer, meditative light and in love before we can get him there for it. Safehipplease no new deformities and plz no dislocation, or continued damage to his spine knees and feet from his LLD.. he's running on 6…Read More

Meets :)

Hello to any new visitors..! I have been so wrapped up in my school work the past year to keep up with my page as I have for the past 5 years. So I wanted to reaquaint myself again, to freshen the pages zest for a connection that reaches any who yearn for…Read More

1 Year anniversary post op surgical review, Victory ! Viva La KissOurA**esPerthes!

Donavan had his 1 yr post op review 31 May, 2012 in Baltimore and it had been 7 months since his last review. We had 7 long, new femoral head growing months... to foster this newly established blood supply to his L femoral head. The results after all of our…Read More

Fantastic Info link

Donavans "Dislocated, headsplitting, reshaping Osteotomy" by Doc Standard 19 May 2011

We wanted to update you, we just got off ph w/surgeon!Donavan's xray revealed the bone is competent so far & the hardware is in place. We will not know about the new blood supply for another few weeks. Must be back in Baltimore for Dun to see doc…Read More

*999 members

As often as I am communicating with people on this cause page, I sometimes look right over how many passionate people have joined. We, our Perthes family has grown to 999 members as of today ! WoW.. such a far cry from starting out with just Donavan and I !!…Read More
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