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Motorcycle Safety Campaign

As a member of "Save a Life -- Be Aware Motorcycles are Everywhere!", you know the risks of riding. Today we, along with an incredible nonprofit called NOYS, National Organizations for Youth Safety, are coming to you, asking that you help us spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving. Please help us raise $60,000 for NOYS through an amazing project with AT&T. Take the pledge:

So what can YOU do? Start by taking the pledge to stop texting and driving and invite your friends and family to join you. AT&T will donate $2 to NOYS (up to $60,000) by taking the pledge and another $2 for inviting your friends and family to join.

Whether you’re a biker, a driver, or sometimes a little of both, let’s stand together to make our roads a safe place to be.

We can do this!

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