In memory of Daniel Christophe, this cause was created to raise motorist awareness of motorcycles and to help prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Over two-thirds of car-motorcycle crashes are caused by drivers, not by motorcyclists. Considering the crash statistics and the increasing number of motorcyclists,
the key to a safe traffic mix is understanding and learning to share the roadway.

"A USC study showed that motorists’ failure to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominant cause of motorcycle crashes."

1. Drivers must do their part in keeping the roads safe.

2. Education and public awareness leads to safer roads.

3. Two-thirds of car-motorcycle crashes are caused by drivers who "just didn't see them."

4. Most of these accidents are due to a driver turning left, into the path of the motorcycle (this is what happened to my brother)...look twice save a li

5. Mutual Respect ---Just a Little Respect Will Get Everyone Home Safely.