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to those of you still fighting the fight........

I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day, feeling blessed to have the babies we have, their smiles fill our world with happiness and their touch holds a warmth like no other.
We have alot of friends and people from this site that have children still hanging in there and fighting the great battle to stay these people we are with you in spirit, sending you our love and praying for your babies every night, and we pray that you have the strength to see it through, you really dont realise how much you sacrifice of yourself and the family when such draining issues, such as a heart baby, is at hand. Just remember to hold on to each other, and love one another, dont loose sight of that.
To all those children that have come out of surgery successfully, congradulations and I hope happier times are ahead.
To all of those who had babies and children who bacame angels, you have to believe they are in a better place, no pain, no sickness and they can watch over you and be in you heart forever. My heart angel would have had his 2nd birthday on mothers day, and as I couldn't get to see him on his birthday I know he was with me in spirit.
To those that dont have children or heart children, find someone that does and offer support, it will open your eyes and I'm sure they can use all the help they can get.

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