We are an organization diligently dedicated to finding the best, most loving and caring permanent homes for each one of our rescued felines.


Purrfect Cats was founded by Toni Lunan in 2003 to address the growing numbers of homeless cats and kittens in the DFW area. Through the tireless efforts of its all-volunteer members, Purrfect Cats hopes to help stem the rising number of homeless and feral cats in this areas. We will accomplish this through the fostering and adoption of needy cats, as well as the trapping, neutering/spaying and releasing of stray cats. It is our mission to improve the lives of as many cats and kittens as we can, and to make a positive impact on the feral cat population in the DFW area.


Purrfect Cats' major programs include the active care of pets up for adoption (i.e. spaying/neutering, vaccinations, testing for diseases, on-going care, and adoption), feral cat population control (i.e. a trap, neuter and release program).

1. Finding the best homes for rescued cats and kittens.

2. Supporting a trap, neuter and release program for feral cats.

3. We need to address the feral cat population problem in the DFW area.