Support Israel's young conscientious objectors. The Shministim are high school students who have been imprisoned for refusing to serve in an army that occupies Palestinian Territories

Show your support by contacting the Israeli Minister of Defense using the form below. Israeli peace activists will hand-deliver your message on December 18th, the Shministim Day of Action.
Sign the petition at http://december18th.org/

1. The Shministim have the right to peacefully object military service

2. Calls for the release of those who have been jailed for their principled refusal to serve in an army which occupies the Palestinian Territories

3. Nonviolent resistance to the Occupation points the way to a just peace and security for all

4. The sad fact is that the occupation is destroying Israelis and Palestinians alike - support the Shministim, visit http://december18th.org/

5. Supporting the Shministim is a way to do your part to end the occupation and bring comfort and well-being to all peoples.