Saving lives through universal access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation.

Water is the source of life. Without clean water and sanitation people get sick, children miss school: the cycle of poverty is perpetuated indefinitely. Millions die prematurely from water-related diseases. And this crisis will become even more deadly as water scarcity becomes more acute and leads to violent conflicts.

But this problems can be solved. Global Water Challenge is a coalition of 24 leading organizations, who have joined together to catalyze transformational change and create a global movement in the water and sanitation sector.

GWC focuses on collaborative learning, connecting leaders, and investing in sustainable, scaleable, and replicable projects in poor countries. Our goal is universal access to clean water and safe sanitation to save lives.

Visit our website at www.globalwaterchallenge.org

1. Clean drinking water is a critical human need.

2. Safe sanitation ensures human dignity and keeps water safe.

3. Diarrhea from dirty water is the world's second biggest killer of children under five.

4. Safe water and sanitation are the most effective interventions against infectious diseases.

5. GWC is a coalition of 24 leading organizations working towards universal access to clean water and sanitation.