To establish Children’s Homes to provide care for children orphaned by poverty, neglect, and the international AIDS Pandemic.

If you could help, why wouldn't you?


Each year, millions of children are being orphaned or abandoned in developing world nations as a result of war, poverty, neglect, and the AIDS Pandemic. Too many times, these children have no one to turn to for help. In Namibia alone, the problem is growing and the need couldn't be greater. Children of Zion, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that supports a Christian Children’s Home in Namibia, Africa. More projects are planned in the future. These homes are committed to raise the children in a Christ-centered environment, providing love, food, clothing, housing, education, medical services, and vocational preparation.

1. God has asked us to take care of the neediest in the world

2. Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS is a growing situation that requires our help

3. The goal is to save children orphaned by the HIV pandemic