Our Causes community creates awareness, disseminates information and takes action against the cruel slaughtering of dolphins and whales. 

A global community without borders. No nationalities.

People united with one common goal of putting an end to the senseless, barbaric murders of cetaceans in the Faroe Islands, Japan and other parts of the world. 

We promote ocean life conservation through our cause, the Whale Call Project, to help minimize negative human impact on cetaceans and other marine life.


We create awareness and take action against the mass killing of dolphins and whales. We are the voice of these highly intelligent, socially complex and peaceful marine mammals with a natural affinity for humans. 

Our community stands on the survival front line for these helpless animals' right to exist free from agony and exploitation. 

We fight for their right to survive. 

Let's stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales together.