Explainer: What does the ruling that ends Japan's scientific whaling in Antarctica mean?

Are you excited by today's news that Japan's scientific whaling program in Antarctica must shut down, but not quite sure how all the policies work? Check out my explainer, including background information, lots of links, and interviews with scientists, policy…Read More

New blog post: No, harassing a shark for fun is not the same thing as scientific research that helps conserve threatened species

Hello, everyone! I wrote an article for Scientific American a few weeks ago that praised the growth of safe and responsible shark ecotourism, but criticized the disrespectful and dangerous behavior of a few shark divers. Partially in response, an article…Read More

Here's your chance to boldly go where no man has gone before

I'm sure you will agree with me when I say that doing the same old things and expecting different results is not the way to go. Complacency will be the kiss of death for any cause. So let’s not just do a run-of-the-mill information campaign to stop the…Read More

We need one more supporter to achieve a world record…you!

What an amazing outpour of support for our Whale Call Project! Our Causes community’s campaign to sound the whale call to save our dying seas is picking up the pledging pace. Try refreshing our campaign page every few minutes and you’ll see how pledges…Read More

Pledge to Sound the Whale Call to Save our Dying Seas

What is your Whale Call? Join people around the world and pledge to sound our Whale Call, a unique fusion of whale and human music, to convey one urgent message: SAVE OUR DYING SEAS. It is part of the Earth Day event of our Causes community’s Whale Call…Read More

How to Use Poison to Stop the Slaughter of Dolphins and Whales

Did you know that anti-whaling groups have been aggressively trying to stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales for decades now but they have always been met with stubborn resistance? Whalers will always oppose the call to stop the slaughter no matter how…Read More

Want to name a shark and track it with Google Earth? Donate to my SciFund project!

Hello, everyone! Thanks for all your support so far with my crowd-funded shark feeding ecology research! As before, donations of any amount are appreciated, but larger donations have rewards associated. More information about the project, including how to…Read More
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