(Please don’t read this if your mind is not ready for a radical idea to put an end to the whale slaughter.) Try to mirror a whale hunter. If you find it difficult to comprehend the rationalization behind the never-ending slaughter of pilot whales in the…Read More

The Slaughter Will Not Be Televised

No, Whale Callers… People will not see Faroese hunters on television news driving long-finned pilot whales into a bay, stabbing their blubber with a hook and then pulling them with a gaff by their blowholes ashore. There will be no live coverage of…Read More

Which One Deserves to Die—Dolphin or Tuna?

For years, we’ve been persistently fighting against the mass slaughter of dolphins and whales, now let’s pause for a moment before we totally get blindsided by an even more serious threat. It kills over 300,000 cetaceans a year to give the world its favorite…Read More

What Do You and Your Cell Phone Have in Common?

You both hold the power to save dolphins and whales. How? Hint: Over 4,500 cause supporters have already signed the pledge to give you that power. Please visit... Whale Call: Save dolphins and whales https://www.causes.com/posts/972531 Know the power at…Read More

5 Ways to Help a Stranded Whale or Dolphin…most people make a mistake with #3

You find a whale or dolphin beached on land or very shallow water. It may be sick or injured and cannot swim away on its own—it needs your help. What will you do? Here are five ways to help rescue a live stranded dolphin or whale. Carefully read #3. Most…Read More

How our Whale Call App could have saved a baby dolphin from selfie-seekers

Take a look at the photo of the baby dolphin that died after being passed around by beach-goers for selfies and imagine what could have been had that phone carried our community's Whale Call App. It could have taken just one person to save the baby…Read More

Baby Dolphin Dies After Beach-goers Passed it Around for Selfies

One person took a rare La Plata dolphin out of the water in a beach resort in Argentina and passed it around a crowd of beach-goers for photos. What happened next will shock you! Read more about this enraging incident at : https://www.causes.com/posts/971162
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