make people of the work that macmillian do

macmillian nurses work very hard everyday to help people suffering with all types of cancer and to help make cancer patients as comfortable as possible.
here is a short statement about what macmillian does.
We care for the whole person, not just the disease. We take into account not just the medical needs of people affected by cancer but the social, emotional and practical impact cancer can have. We are there for people from the moment they suspect they have cancer, and for their families too.

We deliver our own services and work with other partners to develop new ones. Our largest partner is the NHS but there are others in the public, voluntary and private sectors of care too. We lead the way with innovative cancer care services, and work with our partners to replicate these services across the country so that they become mainstream.

How we work with people affected by cancer
People affected by cancer have a unique experience and expertise. They've used cancer services and understand what it means to live with cancer.

We want to tap into this expertise and use it to guide our work and influence our plans. The needs and wants of people affected by cancer are at the heart of everything we do.

We want to make cancer services sensitive to people from different backgrounds. So, we have a network of 'user representatives' from black and minority ethnic communities who work with us and other health care professionals to help make cancer services more culturally sensitive.

1. raise awareness of the effort and hardwork and time put in by macmillian nurses

2. help raise money for cancer patients