Take-Away SMA - Coffee Cup Promotion!

Hi All., we are organising a promotion for August here in Australia by distributing take away coffee cups to coffee shops and food outlets for a week promotion of SMA during 15-21August. If you think you may know someone who may be interested in supporting…Read More

Tax Time donations for research into SMA.

Hi All, Just recently we sent off our last payment of $25,000 for our 12 month commitment ( of $100,000) to assist the Western Australia Research Team with their research into a treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As this finished our commitment for the…Read More

Research Update February 2011

Through the Jack Parry Fundraiser that was held last year we were able to commit $100,000 to our research team in WA. The following is an update about the project from Steve Wilton. Dr Chalermchai Mitrpant (Wai) has returned from working with SMA expert…Read More

Christmas ideas

Hi everyone, SMA Australia has been working hard all year to raise the profile of SMA in Australia so people are aware of this genetic defect. Each year we have a goal of $100,000 to go to our genetic researchers in WA to find a cure. Currently we have 2011…Read More

(no subject)

Hi everyone! Are you ready for Christmas hampers?? Thinking about work collegues? Well SMA has a solution for you to make it easy and also provide a donation to SMA! How awesome! Here is the link to the SMA…Read More

Donations to SMA for Research

Hi All, The way the current causes page operates you cannot donate direct to this research project because it is only open to USA charities. However if you would like to financially support SMA in the research area you can donate via direct debit. SMA…Read More

Invite pledge

Have you completed the invite challenge yet? It isn't hard and is vital to helping people find out about SMA before they have to face it or when they might need to know about it most! Help us get the message out and take the invite challenge!
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