Ideas needed

I want to help the people of Lansing but I am coming up short of ideas. I don't just mean the homeless this time. I want to do something these next couple of months to better someone else's life. If you have any ideas, or know of any opportunities feel free…Read More

A reminder

If you made cards I will be at gone wired cafe tomorrow from 11am-1pm to collect them. If you don't know me I'll be wearing Khaki Chinos a plain black hoodie and will have a black military hat. I will most likely have a sign made too. Feel free to keep me…Read More

Card making get together

I want to have people get together to make cards. I'm thinking either this Saturday or this Thursday. It will either be at my house or possibly Gone Wired if they are cool with it. I will talk to them. Please leave a comment or send me a message if you would…Read More

I have dates now!

The date to go to loaves and fishes is Dec 20th. I have it in their calender. I am planning on having a get together on December 13th to make cards. If you are making cards I will be at gone wired cafe in Lansing December 18th in person to collect them at…Read More

Paypal account to be linked

Due to the fact that to ask for donations on facebook you need to link to a registered nonprofit, I will link a paypal account for donations. I give you my word that every penny received will go towards helping the homeless. Thank you.
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