Dear all we still can not believe what happened to us on a normal Saturday night in Movida night club
We were on the guest list of the most pretentious night club in London populated by celebrities wannabe, footballers and wags... not really our cup of tea but as you know...out and about with our gorgeous girlfriends, having fun, all dressed up and looking fab...we decided to give it a go. All went very well until my boyfriend and I decided to give eachother a kiss ( ok a passionate kiss :) like normal couples do on a night out after a few drinks!
I have been living in London for almost 11 years and I have never expected a gay kiss to create so much drama!
Bouncers were involved straight away telling us we were not allowed to kiss because of being gay and we were invited to leave! They escorted us and let us leave from the back kitchen!! We never felt more humiliated
Honestly we can all have a laugh about it but for the first time in my life I really felt discriminated and of course I want everybody to know.
The next day I contacted the manager and not even once he apologised to us for what happened!
They spoilt complitely our evening, we had a big argument and we were treated like criminals.
Sexual discrimination should stop in the 21st century
If you guys agree please help us spreading this cause.

There is only ONE WAY for us to forgive their behaviour:

Movida should apologise and most importantly organise a BIG party raising money for a gay charity...

Thank you all
Mario and Paolo