Caribbean Governments and the Caribbean Diaspora

See link below to a very good article which questions the level of enagement by Caribbean governments with the Caribbean Diaspora expertise and challenges them to do…Read More

Caribbean Diaspora Conference on Haiti's Reconstruction - 18th June, Washington DC

This is a very important Conference to mobilize the entire Caribbean Diaspora to support Haiti's reconstruction and development. Major donors will be briefing on their programs and projects and ways to involve the Caribbean Diaspora. Brieifings expected from…Read More

Caribbean Diaspora Conference on Haiti REconstruction

Caribbean Diaspora Conference on Haiti’s Reconstruction Theme: “Mobilizing the Caribbean Diaspora to Assist in Haiti’s Reconstruction and Development” Date: Friday, 18 June 2010 (All day) Venue: Organization of American States, Washington DC The…Read More

Haiti Informational Tools from the White House

Haiti’s Tragedy – What we do next!

When tragedy hits any country in the Caribbean we all feel the pain. We respond as brothers and sisters and come to the aid of those who are suffering. Our capacities might not be great, but the little we have, we give, and whatever we can do, we do. It is…Read More

Temporary Protectred Status for Haitions in US

Friends, Thousands of Haitians living in the US without status are subject to mass deportation by the US government. One way to stop this, at least temporarily, is to grant them Temporary Protected Status. TPS has been used many times by the US government to…Read More

Issues of interest to the Caribbean

If you are interested in issues of interest to the Caribbean check out the 2 latest articles on Caribbean Diaspora Connect, link below: 1. Climate Change and the Caribbean 2. Setting a US-Caribbean…Read More
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