Hi Everyone.

Thanks again so much to everyone who has joined this group. We have over 900 members now, 964 as of today. A lot of people have asked how they can help with this Cause.

I would like to ask those who want to get involved to help me to organise a travel fund so that members can donate money, so Russell's mother can visit him in America. Mother and son have only met one time, and had limited contact since then, usually by phone, and it would be great if we could reunite them before he is released. He has already served 21 years of his 25 year sentence.

I have no idea how to do it and I would prefer any donations to this Cause go to a nominated account for Russell rather than to Amnesty Internation, because I can't be sure the money will be used by the family. So if you are interested please email me.

I know that the International Prisoner Release treaty has been signed between our government and the US governments, but we need to start talking about this and keep trying to find a way to bring Russell home. I would like to create a petition (website) also that members can sign, so if anyone can help me with that, please message me.

Russell has made it clear that he wants to come home but if he cant get the money together he will die in America. The link below shows that there is already support for Russell to be returned home.

There is also money set aside in the Bringing them Home Report see the link below.

Also please check out my blog on the ATSI Grapevine re: Bringing Russell Home.


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