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Hello Everyone Thanks to all who has joined this cause.. its great to see the support..but if u havent already signed pls take the time to add ur name to the petition we have created also. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/bringing-russell-back-home click…Read More

Petition for Russell

Hi Again Members I just wanted to let people know that a petition has started and if you are really serious about this cause then I encourage you to sign it to add your name. The petition is about a week or so old and I have sent it out before but sadly…Read More

Please sign my Petition

Hi Again I finally worked out how to do a petition. Please take the time to show you really support this Cause, then pass o n the petition to others so they can support Bringing Russell Back…Read More


Hi Everyone. Thanks again so much to everyone who has joined this group. We have over 900 members now, 964 as of today. A lot of people have asked how they can help with this Cause. I would like to ask those who want to get involved to help me to organise a…Read More

809 Members

Hi Everyone, and Welcome to our New Members Sorry I havent written to you lately... Been busy with study and family business, but I just wanted to say we have 800+ members now and I just want to ask members check out the cause and do your bit to help by…Read More

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Hi Everyone Thanks to everyone who joined this group. Its wonderful to see the support. We are hoping to get at least 1000 members before we decide to make a formal petition to the government, so I would like to encourage members to invite people to this…Read More

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Thanx again to everyone who has joined this cause. I have no new information, but just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope that people will try to recruit others to this cause. We have 716 members already and need 284 more to reach 1000…Read More
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