To find a way to bring Russell Moore back to Australia

Help us to 'BRING RUSSELL BACK HOME' by supporting this group and showing that you care. Russell was stolen from his Aboriginal mother at 4days old and taken to the US after being adopted by a 'white christian' couple and left there.

When Russell asked about his family background he was denied any information about his heritage and escaped the neglect and torment by becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Russell committed a serious crime while being addicted to alcohol and other substances and was sentenced to the Electric Chair, but this decision was over turned. He has since served 20yrs of a 25yr non parole sentence.

As a part of reconciliation, please support us in trying to find a way to bring Russell back home so he can be Culturally Rehabilitated and have access to the family he has been denied since he was "stolen".

1. Reunite Russell with his birth mother

2. Allow Russell to reconnect with Australia, and his cultural heritage

3. Allow Russell access to family and cultural rehabilitation