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Roots of Hope Sees Potential to Inspire Hope during Peace without Borders Concert in Cuba

Grammy-winning artist Juanes has publicly expressed his desire to sing to the people, not to the Cuban government, during a Peace without Borders concert in Havana scheduled for September. Roots of Hope believes that his intentions to inspire the people of Cuba to experience peace and liberty are genuine and the organization shares his message of peace and hope for the Cuban people.

We believe advocating for peace and promoting a message of liberty are inherently connected since peace cannot exist without liberty. Roots of Hope recognizes that the Peace without Borders concert has the potential to be an incredible opportunity to open a window of hope for all young people in Cuba.

The Peace without Borders concert is a unique opportunity for Cubans on the island to congregate and listen to music that inspires and promotes peace. If executed in a socially responsible manner, the concert could awaken feelings of self-empowerment and inspire youth in Cuba to become authors of their own future.

Roots of Hope encourages Juanes to invite young, independent Cuban artists to perform at the concert. The organization hopes that Juanes will take advantage of this opportunity to promote freedom of expression and foster hope in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

- Roots of Hope Board of Trustees

Do you see the potential for his message of peace and hope to inspire the Cuban people?

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