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Tuesday, 5 August 2014 Are Your Children Under Threat From Satanic Services ? This Might Be A Possible Remedy.

The Removal of Implied Access ( Above ) and Withdrawal of Consent ( Below) documents need to be amended with the persons own address and signed. Also the name of the relevant Local Authority needs to be entered. Also the figure of £10,000 can be changed should you wish to do so.

All three documents then need to be posted on the front door and gates of your property.

It is vital that all three documents are sent recorded or registered post ( for proof of delivery/signature ) to the following people.

1 - The Chief Of Police in the area.

2 - The Head of Legal Services at the Local Authority/Council

3 - The Head of Social Services at the Local Authority/Council.

If the parent has already been contacted by the SS and the names of said Social Workers are known then the three documents should also be sent registered/recorded delivery to these individuals as well.

When these documents are sent you should keep all receipts and take print out of signatures from the Post Office website which will also give you date and time of signature.

You have now started a Lawful trail that proves that the relevant people have been notified in advance of your intentions which should (theoretically) prevent any further visit to your property.

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