Race for the Cure

 Join us at the Buddy Check 12/M-Line booth at Race for the Cure this Saturday, Octobe 17th at Met Park in downtown Jax! Look for the First Coast News booth and we'll be right there! The Survivor Recognition ceremony is at 8:00 am. Come out and help support…Read More


Hero Bras! Be a HERO to women who can't afford mammograms. …a message from Jeannie Blaylock for the M-Line Last year we pinned together Buddy Bucks. This year we're decorating bras! Our Mammogram Hotline is saving lives. (One mom had a cancer the size of a…Read More

Buddy Check 12

Today is the 12th of August! Don't forget to do your monthly breast self-exam - and remind YOUR Buddy, too! Watch First Coast News and check out www.firstcoastnews.com to find out how Buddy Check 12 has saved many lives!

M-Line is here for YOU!

Here's some big news, everybody! You know the new M-Line, the first Mammogram Hotine on the First Coast???? Jeannie Blaylock launched that during October with tons of support from folks all over the First Coast. Well, we've had many women get free…Read More

Sunday, April 12th is Easter

AND Buddy Check 12 day! Since the focus on Sunday is on Easter, why not remind your buddy TODAY to do her self-exam now?! We also want to remind you that men can get breast cancer. In October 2008 I met a man in his 40's who had just been diagnosed with…Read More

Today is Buddy Check 12 Day!

Don't forget to do your monthly breast self-exam! And remind your buddy, too! Buddy Check 12 saved my life! Exactly 12 years ago this month, I found a lump while doing MY monthly self-exam as a result of the local Buddy Check 12 program. I was 35 years old…Read More
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