Senate voting on mayoral control next week

Folks, It has been a long hard campaign! The senate will be voting on mayoral control next week, and then Campaign for Better Schools will be closing up shop. We are still trying to get some improvements to the mayoral control bill that was passed by the…Read More

NY1 interview - Checks and balances does not mean gutting mayoral control!

Friends, I did an interview on NY1 last night. The mayor made some pretty harsh comments about the UFT's recommendations to create some checks and balances in the system by giving the Panel for Education Policy some independence. He basically insinuated that…Read More

Upcoming State Assembly Hearings on Mayoral Control of Schools

Friends, Starting next Thursday, Jan 29th in Queens, the State Assembly will be holding hearings in all five boroughs on mayoral control of the schools. Please consider signing up to testify at a hearing. All dates and contact info for signing up can be found…Read More

Thanks for joining the cause!

Thanks for joining the cause I started, Campaign for Better Schools. As those of you who follow education issues know, mayoral control will likely be the largest non-budget item debated in Albany this year. When mayoral control was enacted in 2002 there was…Read More
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