Free all bears from being farmed for bile. Release them so they can have a better life

The majority of Moon Bears worldwide are located in China, many in the northern provinces. The main provinces for bear farming are Heilongjiang and Jilin in the North and Sichuan and Yunnan in the South.
Official figures say that 7,002 Moon Bears are still confined on 247 farms all over China. Is it still true?
The last official figures in 1999 were 7,002 bears on 247 farms: 6,774 are Moon Bears, 187 are Brown Bears and 41 are Sun Bears. However, in January 2006, the Government advised that there were approximately 7000 bears on 68 "fully regulated farms".
The Sichuan Forestry Department has stated that the work of Animals Asia in Sichuan Province has led to a reduction of farmed bears from 2,700 to 2,300.
Is there a law against poaching the bears?
As of 1989 under the Chinese Wild Animal Protection Law, it became illegal to hunt bears for their parts. After 1990, no Moon Bears were allowed to be caught from the wild for farming - all existing farms are now supposed to breed their bears in captivity. However, over 20% of the farmed bears arriving at the AAF rescue centre are missing limbs, indicating that bears are still being trapped in the wild, in direct violation of the existing laws.
In 1993, Animals Asia Foundation's (AAF) Founder Jill Robinson, then working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, discovered bears existing in intolerable conditions on a farm in China. Images of these beautiful bears unable to move in tiny wire cages, were projected around the world by international print and television media. Dirty infected catheters could clearly be seen protruding from the bears' abdomens, through which bile was being extracted for use in Traditional Medicine.
In 1995, the Guangdong Ministry of Forestry Department closed down the original farm, which Jill had exposed and handed the bears to Jill and the AAF bear rescue team. Surgery and rehabilitation followed and in December 1996, seven of these bears were released into a sanctuary in Pan Yu. Today five of them have survived and are safe, content, and free.
Through 1997 and 1998, intensive negotiations progressed with the Chinese authorities and we continued to promote the herbal alternatives for bear bile in Traditional Medicine.
In 1999, AAF investigators accepted an invitation from Chinese authorities in Beijing to accompany them to 11 Bear Farms in Sichuan Province. Negotiations commenced in relation to a new bear farming agreement and a major bear rescue.
In June 2000, an unprecedented agreement was signed in Beijing, Sichuan and Hong Kong between Chinese officials and AAF to cooperate on a major rescue of 500 bears in Sichuan Province with the long-term goal of ending bear farming.
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1. Decrease the official figures to NIL - at present 7,002 Moon Bears are still confined on 247 farms all over China.

2. Close the farms & resuce the bears from a torture chamber, it's a hell hole for animals. As you can see they literally can't move, they can't stand up, they can't turn around, they can just about put their paws out of the cage to feed themselves

3. Promote the herbal alternatives for bear bile in Traditional Medicine