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Microlending it's not charity, it’s a chance!

Dear Supporters,

Giving is a ripple effect, but someone has to start it. This holiday season; give the gift of a chance to a microentrepreneur and his or her local community. Watch your impact multiply by sharing the ACCION USA message with friends and family and tell the world why you support microentreprenuers (

Why does ACCION USA support microentreprenuers? Because they run the small businesses that form the backbone of the U.S. economy and the core of our communities and right now they need your help. Microentrepreneurs are individuals like Rebecca Irfan, owner of a home run daycare center. When Rebecca's husband lost his job, the money the daycare center earned became the Irfans' only source of steady income. Determined to save her business, Rebecca looked for a loan but no one could help her. She was then referred to ACCION USA. We gave her a loan and a chance… Read More (

Each day, countless microentrepreneurs like Rebecca struggle to earn a living wage. Your donation will allow us to continue giving microentrepreneurs like Rebecca the chance to build businesses that provide a steady source of employment and income not only for the individual but also their communities.

To see the benefits of microlending in action check out AUSA's video "It's not charity" at ( and take part in sharing this inspiring message of hope this holiday season. 

Donate today ( and help build your local community one microentrepreneur at a...

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