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Donate Your Profile Picture to Help ACCION USA Win $1 million for Small Business Owners across America!

ACCION USA is competing for a $1 million grant in Sam’s Club’s Giving Made Simple contest. With $1 million we will be able to provide more loans and financial education to small businesses across America, helping support those businesses that form the back bone of our economy.

How can you help? All it takes is a click. Here’s how:
* Donate your profile picture to ACCION USA for a day by using the “Donate Your Profile Picture” Facebook application ( Visit ( for a video that explains it all!
* Tell people why! By spreading the word about why you support ACCION USA with your networks you can help us help more small business owners.
* Want to do more? Check out our social media activism guide ('s%20Club.doc) for more suggestions.

Thank you again for your continued support!


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