Cause is approaching the strength of 10000 Members!!!

Dear All, First of all, thanks for being a part of this cause. As you know there has not been much activity that we have started since the inception of this cause inspite of such great support. But let me assure you, that there was a purpose to see it…Read More

Our Cause has reached 2500 membes peak and achieved the status of a "Tribe"

Dear All, With great pleasure, i share that our cause "Movement against terrorism in India" has reached 2500 member peak and achieved the status of "tribe"! I would now urge each and everyone of you to come forward and send following details on my email…Read More


Everyone! Pls introduce yourself on the forum posted on the cause! Name: Age: Location: Contact Details

Membership count reaches 100 in 72 Hrs! INTRO TIME!!!

Dear All, You will be glad to know that its been only 72 hours this cause has been created and the membership count has crossed 100... what is more mind boggling is that its doubling every single day!!! So I guess it's time to introduce ourselves and get on…Read More

Thanks to all! Now let's come together!

Hello Everyone! It's really encouraging to see 50 members joining the cause in just 3 Days which shows that all of us are carrying a mission inside! Though, what we need is a platform and let's utilize this platform to come together! We would follow some…Read More
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