eXile international exists to provide hope, healing, and peace teaching to the trauma victims of Congo and Eastern Africa through art, dance, and music therapy. Please visit exileinternational.org

When Beth Haley traveled to Congo in 2008 as a trauma healing counselor, she experienced a new level of hopelessness...

~ Child soldiers asked her to be their mother

~ Women tried to give her their children

~ She heard stories of women being
repeatedly raped and having their children
stolen from their arms by the rebels

~ She met children who had been so
traumatized they rarely spoke or showed

Combining her experiences in East Africa with her skills as a social worker and psychologist, Bethany began to dream about creating a healing program for the war-torn youth of Congo involving art therapy, trauma counseling, and peace/conflict resolution training. eXile international is the result of that dream.

Our vision is to work with existing African organizations on the ground, starting in Congo. We want community leaders to learn the program so they can be effective change agents in their villages. Our goal is for the program to spread throughout East Africa, and in 10 - 20 years to see the new generation be soldiers for peace rather than soldiers of war.

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