WE DID IT!!!!!

We reached a short term goal, 500 members. Thanks for the continued support. Nice going guys. Next goal 1,000 members (LoL) No really thats the goal. And in between that goal. I would like to raise money if we can to send to a organization that sends the…Read More


I am sorry that there has been a lack of leadership on this cause. I am proud to say that we have reached a short term goal of mine by reaching 500 members. Please stay motivated about the cause. Get involved, we are in this cause for one reason, the troops.…Read More


I am so sorry I have been a away so long. I have been trying to put my life back in order since getting out of the marines, but I am not going to make excuses for myself. I want to apologize for not being there for this group. I am trying to come up with some…Read More


Intrepid is the people that the money from the UFC fight for the troops is going. i am considering adding a link or something to the page for people to donate if they like. The money goes to helping wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. If there are…Read More


Please do not be afraid to post things on the cause page. Thanks Thomas


Hey guys thanks for joining. This is something near and dear to my heart. There are so many people whom claim to "support the troops". They say it but don't act anything out. I am fresh out of the marines, and many of my friends are still in harms way. There…Read More
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