Friday Sept 17th is CONSTITUTION DAY!

Just a reminder in 1787 the US Constitution was signed and sent to the states for ratification. Invite your friends to join, WE THE PEOPLE, on Facebook and check out online.


Just a reminder. This is the day in 1787 that our Founders signed the Constitution and sent it to the states to be ratified. Benjamin Franklin was said to have wept as he signed it. He was 81 years old and very frail. A remarkable document that needs to be…Read More

Constitution Ratified, on this date. June 21, 1788

Sept 17th is considered Constitution Day because in 1787 that's when the document was completed and sent to the states to be ratified, but June 21st is when the Constitution became the law of the land. It's interesting to note that New York was one of the…Read More

Constitution Ratified---on this date 1788

Sept. 17th in considered Constitution Day because that's when the completed document was sent to the states to be ratified, but technically it was not a Constutition until June 21st 1788. New Hampshire becomes the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the…Read More

Lincoln Address in Independence Hall

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 22, 1861 On Abraham Lincoln's inaugural journey to Washington, he stopped in Philadelphia at the site where the Declaration of Independence had been signed. One of the most famous statements in the speech was, "I have…Read More

Constitutional Townhall Tomorrow Morning

A great opportunity tomorrow to hear the most brilliant minds of today teach the US Constitution as it was written and intended by the Founders. Hillsdale College is doing this FREE townhall Saturday morning. You can register on the link below. The townhall…Read More

New Years Resolution

If you're looking for a great New Years Resolution, resolve to demand our political leaders follow the US Constution. Become committed this year to promote those candidates for political office who pledge to protect and support the US Constution. Invite your…Read More
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