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Wish you A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011 AD

Dear Comrades,

I thank you a lot for taking part in this cause and signing the petition. The cause is actually to make Our Country India strong Socially, Economically and Politically, which happens to be a very tough job and cant be done alone. So I hereby request you all to join the INDIA REDEFINED MOVEMENT BY MS. RANJANA KANTI.It requires only 5 minutes from our busy schedule to prticipate in growing our country. So please join hand with me to assist Ms. Ranjana to seriously re-define India and make it the most powerful country in the world to change the tradition of asking Big Powers to Recognise us and lead us to UNSC Permanent Seat or ask for Loan from IMF to build our own Infrastructure, also to remove the Corruption and Scam Cartel from India.


Korak D Kahaalee.

PS: Hereby I attach the Appeal made by Ms. Ranjana Kanti which really moved me a lot as a Sincere and Responsible Citizen of India.

An appeal from India Redefined movement

Please read this before deleting and send this to every Indian you know who wants to make India a Happy Country---------

We have left governance to people who are not really our representative, policy to people who do not feel they are accountable to us, environment to NGOs who struggle without our support – the list can go on and on…We all talk of various problems in India at home, on facebook walls ,in our drawing rooms, offices, linkedin, etc.– but do little.Part of the reason is that we think that solving these are responsibility of the government, politicians, bureaucracy, economists or NGO’s .Anyone but us.We are very fond of talking of our RIGHTS but shy away from even talking about our responsibilities as a citizen of the country. Many of us do not even bother to vote and then criticize the people who are elected on vote bank politics.This INERTIA is the root cause of many of our problems and we are partly to be blamed.So came the idea of INDIA REDEFINED (– A movement to create responsible and empowered citizens by bringing about “Behavioral Change”. It is only when we do our duties we shall be empowered to demand our rights. It is by this change in behavior that we can unlock people’s potential to be empowered citizens.This will redefine how we think and act as an Indian. …..and that is what INDIA Redefined is about.So, what is the Vision of INDIA Redefined? It is simply – CREATING A HAPPY INDIAAnd how can we create a Happy India?Most of the ordinary people want to do something for the country, they just don't know how. The idea is to mobilize these masses and bring them together.How does INDIA Redefined do it?By giving a structure to this… 'Desire to do Something'.By creating an opportunity for them, to achieve small successes in doing something for the society… Something within his resources and available time– a simple successful activity, that would not only be beneficial at a larger scale but also provide the motivation to strive for bigger changes. Developing this behavioral change across Indians of all strata, INDIA Redefined plans to tackle problems, leveraging the power of individual.It is a citizen’s empowerment movement - a platform for ordinary citizens by ordinary citizens – each fulfilling his own ISR - Individual Social Responsibility. What makes this movement unique or even different?Well, there are many wonderful organizations, NGO, Charities which do a lot of wonderful work - But it never seems to be enough. Most of them work within a context or for a specific cause, that the overall positive effect ….. is lost in the gaps. One of the biggest reasons is that we have not tapped efficiently into the potential of the individual. INDIA Redefined is a platform for people from different, different social class, having different outlooks and opinions to come together and work towards redefining India.That is why INDIA Redefined’s vision is created by an amalgamation of different visions that ultimately leads to a HAPPY INDIA.It is important to understand that we are...

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