Stop This Terrorism

This is to Build a more effective and fruitful Democratic India which will be the Future SuperPower of the World. Also to pay homage to our brave policemen who have given their lives to keep us safe. This is not the time to blame the people in Power and Positions but to help our Country to Counter this henious act againt Humanity and our Traditional Values.

1. Our Intelligence Infrastructure should be improved. IB & RAW has to be more effective & National Security Agency like USA should be established.

2. The whole country should learn from the responsible behaviour of the Mumbai Citizens.

3. The Last and the most important the terror networks should be anhiliated at once.

4. we should keep faith in our security forces and should pay Homage to the sacrifice by Mr.Karkare,Mr. Salaskar and several others who died.

5. We Citizens also should come forward to help our security forces and Intelligence services.