NCSF is here to help you -- the SM, swing and polyamory communities.

NCSF is here to help you -- the SM, swing and polyamory communities. If you have a problem with discrimination, persecution, or harassment because of your sexual expression, please call NCSF for assistance. If you are contacted by the media, please call NCSF immediately so we can assist in educating the reporter about SM, swing or polyamory. You can visit our website on www.ncsfreedom.org or call our office at 410-539- 4824.

And please support NCSF in our effort to change the political, legal, and social environment in the United States. We are a volunteer organization committed to making a difference. Join NCSF as a member or please hold a fund-raiser and donate to NCSF!


+Works to change antiquated laws

+Works to change the social climate about sexual issues

+Promotes acceptance of safe, sane, and consensual alternative sexual practices among consenting adults

+Opposes censorship of consensual sexual expression

+Fights for freedom of academic expression about sexual issues

+Helps communities and individuals facing the threat of prosecution or legal action

+Supports the right of adults to express their sexuality, gender identity and orientation freely and openly without fear

1. The NCSF supports the right for consensual adults to engage in Safe, Sane, and Consensual practices