Thanks and could we do more than just join up...?

Everyone, we have crossed the 1000-member mark, but we really need to do what we have all signed on for! We need to make individual efforts to make our spaces safer for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our co-workers. It would be great and very…Read More


Thanks all of you for being here... Was hoping that the suggestions posted by various group members can be implemented by all of us... If we each take the initiative to get our neighbours together- to create Watch-groups, to make lists of the bonafide members…Read More

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BOMBAY changed to INDIA

On teh suggestion of a friend, I changed the name of our group to 'Make INDIA safe from Terrorists' Lets..... !

No Donations

All we need are ideas and resources how to be make each Bombayite an aware citizen- a responsible citizen.. Maybe I am being naive, but let us at least TRY!
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