Back to Combat Corruption

Thank you all

first of all, let me apologize for the dearth of activites and thank you all for joining this cause. i assume we all believe that corruption and bad governance is the bane of our development and progress in Nigeria. We also know that this generation of leaders and the generation preceeding that have failed us. I believe that the best way to tackle it is to start by having a generational and attitudinal change towards corruption and corrupt practices. this we can do by discussions, debate and mass reorientation of our selves and people around us. then we can now start talking about putting the necessary legal and adminstrative frameworks to check corruption in this country.
yes, its going to be difficult but not impossible. in the meanwhile, letsus all invite our fellow Nigerians and friends of Nigeria and am also inviting any of you who have the zeal to be active in this course to let me know so that I can add them as administrators and therefore, maximise their participation.
this is just the first of many mails. we have only jts begun. please, be active in this cause and one day, our efforts will be rewarded. like my dear distant cousin, Barack Obama will say, 'YES WE CAN!'
God bless you.

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