to create a world where every child is educated, protected, respected and valued, and grows up to turn the tide of poverty.

Change a girl's life today...and forever.

In the rural areas of Africa, many girls leave school before they have the chance to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to turn the tide of poverty. These girls want to go to school, and their parents want to send them. Unfortunately, many parents don't have the funds necessary to pay for the requires fees, clothing, books, and stationary.

Since 1993, the nonprofit organization Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) has been supporting girls in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, and Tanzania, helping them to complete primary and secondary education and encouraging graduates to become the next generation of social and business entrepeneurs. Economic development studies have shown that the education of females is KEY to the eradication of poverty.

By supporting these girls now, you can transform the lives of future generations and beyond.

Just $130 meets the cost of one girl's school uniform, shoes, socks, stationary, mentoring, and sports and examination fees for one year, affecting her life profoundly by giving her an opportunity that many of us take for granted. Graduates assisted by CAMFED have gone off to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business owners, joing CAMFED's association of graduates, CAMA.

In 2005, with the help of CAMFED:
- 246,525 children were able to attend school
- 13,368 community activists worked with CAMFED to solve poverty-related problems that prevent girls from attending school
-5,366 young women recieved business training, and 855 have gone to set up their own businesses
-216 young women were trained as health activisits, reaching out to 71,200 young people with vital health information, including that on HIV/AIDs
-Together with Mothers' Support Groups, CAMA members supported 16,226 girls to go to school through their own philanthropic initiatives.

All funds donated will go straight to CAMFED! At CAMFED, for every dollar raised, at least 89% goes directly to CAMFED's work in Africa, 4% is spent on the governance of the organization, and 7% goes to fundraising.

For more information, go to CAMFED.org!!!!!

1. Education is a universal right.

2. Education has the power to eradicate poverty.

3. To support one is to support all.