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Think Green Peace Is Part of CHASE Community Giving Charity Program
Peace and Love to All...

Chase Community Giving Charity program allows you to help raise funds for The Think Green Peace Campaign by simply voting AND asking your family, friends, and associates to do the same. Please, attach a personal note to compel your circle of influence to join you in supporting Think Green Peace and the House of Umoja.

Follow the above link. It will prompt you to "Become A Fan" first, then just look below for the button to vote. Takes less than 2 min.

FYI: the Think Green Peace Campaign is a community outreach program of the House of Umoja. The campaign impacts core issue that are precursors and conditions that help breed violence --poverty, poor nutrition, community disconnect, unsafe places. Think Green Peace Campaign converts vacant lots that are many times areas where drug usage, sales, and paraphernalia converge creating unsafe places --converts these lots into urban gardens using a partnership of youth and our elderly community, who work side by side growing healthy vegetables, fruits, and beautiful flowers. Currently the food is shared with the community. Eventually, it will become an economic avenue by selling wholesale to local stores. The activity is supported by an educational component that teaches urban gardening and "green economy;" what it is, how does one become green, and what job opportunities and careers exist.

As you can see, the Think Green Peace is a comprehensive community and cultural approach to a counter culture problem - violence. Your support is vital in developing this working model.

Thank you for each of you who has cared enough to join the Think Green Peace cause, for those who took it one step further and compelled others to join, and those who acted on the power of giving and donated.

Asante Sana!

Queen Mother Falaka Fattah
Founder and CEO

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