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Volunteers Needed for the 2nd Annual Collard Greens Festival

Asante Sana: Thank you for connecting with me and the House of Umoja here on Facebook. I am personally requesting your support in making Philly's 2nd Annual Collard Greens Festival another success.

There will be a Steering Committee meeting this Saturday, May 23, 2009 from 3pm-5pm (and every other Saturday) at the House of Umoja, 5625 Master Street, Philadelphia. Call (215) 473-5893 for questions and to confirm your attendance.

The Collard Greens Festival is a community event that has significant meaning to the Black and other communities. We've started the growing process and the Peace Garden. We crown the King & Queen of Collard Greens and one of the most significant moments is the Bury Your Beefs Ceremony.

Come to the meeting meet some wonderful people and experts in everything from the community who you probably didn't know. I really think this is the best part. We truly are special. HOPE TO SEE YOU SATURDAY. Call me (215) 473-5893 or email me at [email protected]

Again, Asante Sana

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