Sorry - misdirected link - please use new one to join KS Wild Group

OK folks - - apologies for the confusion - - due to an administrative error (ahem. . .) there are now two (yes, 2) 'KS Wild' groups on Facebook. Whoops. Sooo. . .please do not join the group linked in the previous message, but please DO click this link and…Read More

KS Wild is moving from a "Cause" to a "Group" - Please move with us!

For a more interactive and regularly updated format, we are moving our Facebook presence over to a new group - please join here:!/group.php?gid=112292295499047&ref=ts See you there!

You Are Invited to KS Wild's Sixth Annual Dinner and Auction Sept 18th!

Join us for KS Wild's biggest and best event of the year! We at KS Wild are busy preparing our annual gala event to be held at the Historic Ashland Armory on Saturday, Sept 18th. We are working with a broad network of local farmers and food producers who are…Read More

Will you Please Take a Quick Action for the Siskiyou Crest?

The right wingers opposing our efforts to protect the Siskiyou Crest have seriously mobilized and we need your help! Please just take a second and click 'promote' the Siskiyou Crest on the Great Outdoors site here:…Read More

KS Wild's Klamath-Siskiyou Revue is Next Thursday June 3rd at CultureWorks in Ashland!

June 3rd - 7pm - Klamath-Siskiyou Revue: Opportunity, Conflict and Conservation A snap-shot presentation highlighting the greatest current threats to the KS bioregion and KS Wild's efforts to address them Join the KS Wild staff and community for an evening…Read More

Will you take a Quick and Simple Action To Free the Rogue River and Her Salmon Today?

March 26th is the dead line to have your voice heard during the official public comment period regarding the removal of one of the top five impediments to wild salmon in the state of Oregon. Visit…Read More


Please urge the California Fish and Game Commission to reject plans to dramatically expand, increase bear hunting throughout the state Deadline for public comments is March 13, 2010 Every year, more than 2,000 bears are legally killed by hunters across…Read More
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